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Brussels, the capital of 500 million Europeans…

Things happen in Brussels! There’s always a buzz. Not just because it’s the capital of 500 million Europeans and political decisions are made here, but also because Brussels offers you an exciting cultural, artistic and social scene... at sensible prices. It still cultivates its talent as a metropolis on a human scale and its international reputation for friendliness and sociability. It makes itself accessible to all of its many visitors: business, culture, leisure and pleasure, those escaping for a break ... whatever its purpose, a stay in Brussels is something to remember.

No matter when you come, there's always something happening here; no matter how long you stay, there are several different ways to experience the city, each with some brilliant surprises in store.

As a world city, it shows a multi-cultural character that fits it like a glove: it’s both historic and modern, of the North and of the South, and proud of its differences which it intermixes unselfconsciously.

Its cuisine rises to any challenge, its fashion is paraded on the most highly-rated catwalks, its Art Nouveau treasures offer more than 200 opportunities to admire this flourishing style and its comic strip heroes have recently become Hollywood stars.

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Visit Brussels without (yet) leaving Zagreb at Place 2 Go on stand 29 March 17th to 19th 2017