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CULTURE & CITY LIFE: newsletter#5. news 

Iris Festival • 1 - 5 May
Place des Palais and surroundings
Among the many activities that take place from 1 to 5 May on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Brussels Capital Region and the 150th anniversary of the Brussels tram, there is also room for music. On Friday, electronic music fans will gather on what might be the largest dance floor in Brussels. On Saturday, 100% Belgian artists will put on a show at the Place des Palais.

Frunch • 17 May – 31 August
Once again, the Bip will open the gates of the courtyard to the general public. Every Friday until 31 August, the courtyard is the place to be from 12.00 to 2.30pm.
Frunch (Friday Lunch) is a concept that combines a café, bar, terrace and light lunch with live music. In short: chillax at the sunny heart of Brussels.


These events and many more can be found on

Le Tour, l’Expo • until 14 July
Stade Edmond Machtens
site web 
The official travelling exhibition dedicated to the Tour de France also has a stop in Molenbeek. It traces the history and evolution of the world's third largest sporting event, and illustrates this with short texts, images and iconic objects and videos.

The 100th anniversary of the Maillot Jaune • until 14 July
Espace Wallonie Brussels
As part of the Grand Départ of the Tour de France 2019, the official exhibition "100th anniversary of the Maillot Jaune" honours the 15,059 riders who were once at the Tour’s starting line. A large number of Belgian cyclists proudly wore the yellow jersey. The most famous being of course Eddy Merckx, who wore it 111 times throughout his career. A record!

Semaine bruxelloise de la Nature • 1 - 12 May
The Brussels Nature Week raises awareness of the beauty of nature through screenings and walks in the many green spaces of Brussels.

Audrey Hepburn – Intimate Audrey • 1 May -25 August  
Vanderborght building

A unique perspective on the life of Audrey Hepburn, created by her son, Sean Hepburn Ferrer. The exhibition takes place to celebrate her 90th birthday in Brussels, her place of birth. The collection is largely made up out of unpublished photographs and documents and objects that once belonged to the actress. During the exhibition, you get to know the real woman, instead of the Hollywood icon.

150 years of the Brussels tram • 1 - 4 May
Place Royale and surroundings
Wednesday, 1 May  2019, the trams will line up for a huge parade that starts at 2pm and travels along the Rue Royale. This great cavalcade consists of nearly 40 trams, from the oldest to the most unusual.  Saturday 4 May from 9am to 5:30pm, Brussels will welcome the 8th edition of the European Tramdriver Championship. It is a quirky competition that will make Brussels residents appreciate the skills needed to drive a tram. Throughout the festivities, from May 1 to 5, a dozen historic vehicles from across the country will be on display at the Place Royale.

PrideFestival & parade • 3 - 18 May
Various locations
-  – 
The PrideFestival offers a wide range of activities: films, exhibitions, shows, conferences, workshops and of course DJ sets, concerts, etc. This is the perfect occasion to get in touch with the LGBTQI+ communities. The festival ends with a huge parade. It goes without saying that this is a great festive event, but it also an important political statement.

L’Autre c’est moi • from 3 May (temporary exhibition, 2 yrs.)
Jewish Museum of Belgium
The Jewish Museum of Belgium introduces an exposition about the thousand-year-old cohabitation between Jewish and Muslim communities in Morocco. 

Europe Day 2019 • 4 May 
European Quarter
Celebrate Europe Day 2019 in the European institutions, which, as they do every year, open their doors to the public. In Brussels, this year’s theme is the opportunity for each of us to choose our future.

Kunstenfestivaldesarts • 10 May - 1 June
Various locations
Theatre, dance, performance, film and visual arts: the Kunstenfestivaldesarts is a festival of contemporary creation. Every year in May, there are performances in many theatres, in public spaces and in new venues in Brussels.

Jam’in Jette • 17 - 18 May
Parc de la Jeunesse in Jette 
The Jam'in Jette festival is an event with concerts of world music in the broadest sense, street art shows, activities for children, activities with associations and the possibility of tasting traditional and local dishes and drinks.

20 km de Bruxelles • 19 May  
The Cinquantenaire esplanade welcomes the brave, sportive athletes who dare to undertake this race through Brussels, which runs along the most beautiful avenues of the city and crosses the Bois de la Cambre.

Brussels Jazz Weekend • 24 - 26 May
Various locations
This third edition of the Brussels Jazz Weekend allows you to explore, free of charge, jazz in all its forms, from swing to free, from bebop to blues and rock influences.

RETRORAMA, the Vintage Festival • 24 - 25 May
Tour & taxis
Retrorama is the vintage event of the year. There’s a giant market for clothing and accessories, decoration, furniture, vehicles, watches, jewellery, lighters, vinyl, toys... Furthermore, the festival provides a rich musical programme.

Vegan street festival • 25 May
Marché aux Poissons
The Vegan Street Festival is a celebration of the vegan way of life with street food, a market with humane clothing and cosmetics, music, art and inspiring speakers.

Carolus V Festival • May until September 
Various locations
Every year, the Carolus V Festival offers an exciting programme that highlights European heritage and history at the time of the Renaissance. The name Carolus V refers to one of the most powerful rulers of the 16th century: Emperor Charles V. The festival offers a wide range of activities such as conferences, guided tours, exhibitions, children's activities, etc.

La Cambre Mode Show • 31 May -1 June
Kanal-Centre Pompidou

The 31st edition of the La Cambre-Mode[s] show will take at Kanal-Centre Pompidou. An unmissable Fashion event in Brussels where you can support and applaud the creativity of the future great designers carried by more than 350 colorful models!

Discover the City : guided tours 

New brochure : follow your guide and live like a European
Discover the European quarter through guided tours given by experts, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Each tour immerses you in the history of this district and its various aspects: lively squares, original shops, exceptionally green spaces, renowned museums and an incredibly interesting offer by the European institutions. 
More information

Bruxelles Rebelle
New tour of the Marolles! This free tour offers you an introduction to the history of the Marolles. Find out about the struggles its residents have experienced over the centuries. This unusual visit is commented by a guide (François), a local who lived in the neighbourhood. The visit takes place once a week in French or English. More information is available on the website:

Exceptional offer at Brussels Town Hall (guided tour)
Wednesday 1 May: 1pm (FR), 2pm (EN), 3pm (NL)
Thursday 30 May: 10am (EN), 11am (NL), noon (FR), 2pm (FR), 3pm (EN), 4pm (EN)
Tickets can be bought at the shop (Town Hall, Grand-Place) 
Adult: €7 / Senior, student: €5


Boulevard de Waterloo 136, 1000 Brussels
- Facebook
Situated between the Parvis de Saint-Gilles and the Marolles, we find one of the latest bars designed by Frederic Nicolay. Wholly in line with the artist’s style, the bar is characterised by its raw design, vintage look and stylish small dishes.

Rue de la Source 73, 1060 Brussels 
The former second in command of the starred chef Sang Hoon Degeimbre now found his own spot in the former Inada restaurant. This newcomer, who has already had plenty of time to refine his style behind the scenes, offers dishes at the crossroads of French and Japanese cuisine.

Isabelle Arpin
Avenue Louise 362, 1000 Brussels
After making a name for herself at several restaurants in Brussels, Isabelle Arpin now grants that name to her own restaurant. Her cooking is inspired, full of audacity and spontaneity, a reflection of her own personality.

Rue Edith Cavell 34, 1180 Brussels
A cosy and heartwarming wine bar, perfectly in tune with its time. They offer a fine selection of natural wines and have a well thought-out snack bar.

New addresses

Modern Event
Rue des Bassins 36, 1070 Brussels 
Modern Event is a new 1800m² space dedicated to hosting corporate or private events. It is a renovated old school that offers a modular layout, ideal for organising meetings, conferences, cocktails, gala dinners...

Auberge espagnole
Chaussée de Wavre 331, 1040 Brussels
- Facebook
After a few months of closure, the Auberge Espagnole returns for a fourth season. 
This business incubator designed by supports candidate merchants from the first idea to the eventual implementation of their project. Discover this season’s young start-ups on the Facebook page.


Under construction : KBR
The Royal Library of Belgium (KBR) is planning major infrastructure works this year. There is the renovation of the Palais Charles de Lorraine and the construction of a new museum around the Chapelle de Nassau, which will open in 2020. The reception will also be completely revised. 
More information: 

Join #tourensemble, the 23rd team of the Tour de France 2019, for free! A team consisting of locals and other Brussels lovers that enjoy riding their bikes in the city. Together they wish to make Brussels the bicycle capital of the world! For each registration, €1 is invested in a project to support mothers who want to use their bikes on a daily basis. 

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