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Discover all winter activities on the website « ». During the coming weeks, the website will be updated regularly.


Brochure “be.accessible,” 

The activities listed in this brochure provide the opportunity to discover accessible places and museum collections in a dynamic and creative way. This publication is the result of a partnership with the Brussels Museums Council, Attractions & Tourisme and AMT Concept (Brussels for All). It is free of charge and available in FR / NL / EN / DE in the welcome offices of There is also a PDF version available: NL / FR / EN / DE. 


Save the date : Bright Brussels, Festival of Light

For the 4th time, this festival will light the centre of Brussels from 14 to 17 February 2019.

For an entire  weekend  in  February,  Bright  Brussels,  Festival  of  Light  will  illuminate  various 

quarters at the centre of Brussels. From the docks, the Nouveau Marché aux Grains right up to the Béguinage, many original works will brighten up the capital from 14 to 17 February 2019.




Save the date! 



AfricaMuseum –       

AfricaMuseum in Tervuren is known as one of the most beautiful and impressive Africanist museums in the world. In December 2018, the completely renovated museum will reopen its doors. The new museum immerses you in the very diverse nature of the continent and its cultural riches and creative cities. It shows life as it is, lets you listen in on the oldest and newest in language and music traditions, and looks ahead at a lasting relationship between Africa and Europe emerging from the difficult colonial history that our country shares with Central Africa.  




INCA DRESS CODE: textiles and adornment of the Andes • 23 Nov. 2018 - 24 Mar. 2019 

Art & History Museum –     

Textiles were very prestigious in Inca society, as symbols of power and identity. They were also used for gifts or exchange. The 200 or so exhibits reveal the Inca’s mastery of weaving and the brilliant colours of their textiles, as well as their use of feathers, gold, silver, and shells in clothing. 



NIGHT FEVER: DESIGNING CLUB CULTURE 1960 – TODAY • 21 Nov. 2018 - 5 May 2019  

ADAM, Brussels Design Museum – 

Since the 1960s, nightclubs have been epicentres of pop culture, providing architects and designers all over the world with opportunities and inspiration. This exhibition offers the first large-scale examination of the relationship between club culture and design, from past to present.  


BACK SIDE – FASHION FROM BEHIND • until 31 Mar. 2019 

Museum of Fashion & Lace - 

The human being has an ambiguous relationship with his back. A person is vulnerable because he/she cannot see his/her back; and yet fashion constantly decorates it, burdens it, reveals it. The back is the body's largest flat surface, where messages and patterns can be widely shown. The exhibition questions the perception that we have of our back and of the backs of others. 


SHAPING LIGHT, BY ALBERT BARONIAN • 10 nov. 2018 – 15 dec. 2018 

Fondation CAB -    

On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of his gallery, Albert Baronian presents Shaping Light at Fondation CAB, a group exhibition that explores the potential of neon as an artistic medium. Shaping Light illustrates the different ways in which the participating artists use neon to shape light. 





Several venues –   

Everyone knows that Brussels is one of Europe's cultural capitals, the centre of many major events. But have you ever enjoyed a drink while attending a concert or a performance in a warm atmosphere, close to the artists? Discover the cultural life in one of Brussels's many intimate café-theatres! 


JAPAN CON • 3 Nov. 2018 - 4 Nov. 2018 

Tour & Taxis –   

A brand-new convention that celebrates the Asian pop culture! This event is meant for all fans of Manga, Anime or Asian pop culture in general.  


BIG BANG FESTIVAL • 4 Nov. 2018 

BOZAR –   

BIG BANG is a festive tribute to adventurous music and sound art for young listeners. Take your pupils on a musical journey with interactive sound installations, music performances and mini-concerts. Musicians from around the world will introduce children to interesting rhythms, contemporary jazz and instruments they have never seen before.  


BRUSSELS FURNITURE FAIR • 4 Nov. 2018 - 7 Nov. 2018 

Brussels Expo –   

The Brussels Furniture Fair has grown into one of the European furniture sector’s key professional trade shows, which combines Belgian furniture with a select offering from leading European manufacturers. 


INDEPENDENT • 8 Nov. 2018 - 11 Nov. 2018 

Vanderborght Building -  

The Independent Brussels 2018 edition will be a performative festival with live art, installations, curated displays, music and discussions, resulting in an arena for experimentation, interactions and collective thinking. 


PINK SCREENS FILM FESTIVAL • 8 Nov. 2018 - 17 Nov. 2018 

Cinema Nova & Aventure -    

The Brussels’ Pink Screens festival celebrates gender and sexual diversity! 10 days of films, exhibitions, debates, unconventional reflections, surprises, parties (Pink Night!) and get-togethers.  



Tour & Taxis -   

140 tattoo artists and body piercers have their needles ready, but they have to compete with burlesque shows, roller girls, art expositions & body mod competitions in order to get your attention. 


EXPORT/IMPORT FESTIVAL • 9 Nov. 2018 - 11 Nov. 2018 

Bronks –   

BRONKS & La montagne magique bid you a warm welcome to this international theatre festival for all ages. For three days, you will discover some of today’s most inventive, moving, funny and incisive performances. On the agenda: theatre, circus, puppet theatre and installations. 


BOZAR NIGHT • 10 Nov. 2018 

BOZAR –   

Combine the pleasure of a visit to an exhibition with the excitement of an electronic music concert that goes on until the wee hours! This cult event is a meeting place for anyone who loves mixing art and great music. 


SCHIEV: A SIMPLE MUSIC FESTIVAL • 16 Nov. 2018- 18 Nov. 2018 

Beursschouwburg - 

Whether electronic or acoustic, traditional or futuristic, Schiev offers a broad vision of avant-garde pop music. Diversity and discovery are at the core of their artistic programme. 


BRUSSELS TROMBONE WEEKEND • 16 Nov. 2018 - 18 Nov. 2018 

Mainly Crowne Plaza Brussels Centre “Le Palace” -  

The first Brussels Trombone Weekend with open masterclasses and concerts to promote this beautiful instrument in the capital of Europe.  


COCOON • 17 Nov. 2018 - 25 Nov. 2018 

Brussels Expo - 

Cocoon brings together the latest trends and new collections, in furniture, accessories and decorative objects as well as in floors, wallpapers and lighting. More than 200 exhibitors and specialists are present to help you to rethink your home. 



Various locations –   

Kunstendag voor kinderen (Children's Art Day) is a special day on which children and their parents can experience art in all its disciplines. Cultural organisations throughout Flanders and in Brussels organise many recreational activities for children under twelve. Their parents, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters are also welcome. 


EIN DEUTSCHES REQUIEM - J. BRAHMS: Gala concert on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the European Union Choir • 2 Dec. 2018 


The European Union Choir cordially invites you to celebrate their 60th anniversary with them. On this exceptional evening, the European Union Choir will call on the Mosan Orchestral Ensemble and their Conductor, Jean-Pierre Haeck, to present one of the 19th century masterpieces: "Ein deutsches Requiem" by Johannes Brahms. 


Discover the city : guided tours


Guided tours are also happening in museums! 
Increasingly more often, museums in Brussels organise guided tours for their permanent or temporary exhibitions. As part of the Brussels Museums Nocturnes, a lot of these tours are available in French, English and Dutch for all ages! Some of them are even free! Here is a short overview. 
During the second weekend of the Brussels Museums Nocturnes, a guide can introduce you to the European district and the Cauchie house, the Clockarium or the Autoworld. There is something to be found for every taste. Finally, the recently reopened National Bank Museum offers a free visit on 22/11, which deals with the theme of money during and after the Great War. Also, do not miss out on these classics: guided tours at the museum of Natural Science, fashion and lace, the City of Brussels and Bruxella 1238. 
More information: here


Exclusive visits of the City Hall by night! 

The Brussels Town Hall opens its doors on the evening of 20-21 and 27-28 December for exclusive tours by night in French, English, Dutch and Spanish. Reservations are now available online. More information you will find here 


Monthly Eco Lifestyle Tour @ Brussels 
Every month, Emilia offers locals, Belgians and tourists the opportunity to browse through the best addresses of the Marolles in terms of circular economy, ecology, ethics, zero waste... A discovery with 4 stops (shops, workshops...), for € 29 per person, that takes about 3 hrs. One Saturday a month. Guided tour in English. Note: there is a special Christmas edition on December 2nd.  




Bistrò Nazionale 

Fancy bistro with Italian influences. On the menu: pasta, antipasti, tasting plates to share and cocktails. Bistrò Nazionale also has a beautiful sunny terrace. 

Rue Lannoy 2, 1050 Brussels -  


Le Botaniste 

New vegan restaurant in Brussels, Le Botaniste offers organic and vegetal cuisine, natural wines as well as many gluten-free options. 

Rue Franklin 2, 1000 Brussels -   


Le Local 

Le Local is all about zero waste. This place only uses local products coming from short circuits. A sustainable and inventive restaurant, which has been awarded with the Good Food label. 

Rue de la Longue Haie 51, 1000 Brussels -  


Chez Gudule 

Chez Gudule is a "belgo-viet" bistro that offers food to eat-in or to take-away. There is also a cocktail and beer menu. Ideal for an afterwork. 

Treurenberg 9-11, 1000 Brussels –  




Low Emission Zones 

Low Emission Zones (LEZ) are already established in many European cities. As a reminder, the Brussels-Capital Region has become a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) since 1 January 2018. At first, the aim is to do away with the oldest diesel vehicles. The access criteria of the LEZ are set to evolve in time in order to gradually reduce the number of polluting vehicles in Brussels. Various measures are being taken to facilitate the transition for the concerned citizens. Vehicles registered abroad, even if they comply, must be registered before entering Brussels’ territory (information to communicate: type of vehicle, Euro standard and fuel). 
- Registration is free, 
- Registration must be done via the official website, 
- Any non-registered vehicle is liable to a fine of 150 euros, 
- Currently, the registration of a vehicle for access to the city of Antwerp is not valid in Brussels. 


Mickey turns 90 with the Brussels public transports 

On the occasion of his birthday, Mickey will invite himself in the streets of Brussels. There will be a street art walk, a pop-up store, an animated mural, a contest and much more to discover in November.  

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Brisel ugošćuje tisuće međunarodnih događaja, sastanaka, seminara i kongresa svake godine. S odličnim prostorima na svjetskoj razini i savršenom lokacijom u Europi, Brisel može pomoći u organiziranju međunarodnog događaja. Slobodno nas kontaktirate za više informacija.