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60 years of Gaston

Author: E.L..S/I.S./HRT, February 21, 2018
Source: http://magazin.hrt.hr/431050/60-godina-stripa-gaston

Probably, there are only few of those who never enjoyed reading comics. There are different heroes in them, but also anti-heroes. One of them is certainly Gaston Lagaffe, a Belgian 'anti-hero' strip celebrating its 60th birthday. In Croatia, a movie about it will be released soon. 

The French Institute has a fun show opened. It is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Belgian comics Gaston. In line with the Brisel exhibition, the Belgian Embassy in Croatia and Zagreb's publisher of this popular comic reminded Croatian comic strip lovers of the humorous Gaston.

Gaston, one of the most famous products of the Belgian-French school of comics, was more than 60 years old conceived as an anti-hero, the most common booklet that was supposed to fill the gaps in Spiru's magazine, a very popular strip magazine today, says Krešimir Maligec, editor of the Croatian edition Gaston. Gaston became so popular among readers that he was quickly overwhelmed and got his own comic magazine and started to go out and collect we can already tell tens of millions of fans around the world.

One of these fans is Mr. Antonio Garcia, a Belgian with a Croatian address. He encouraged this exhibition, and his experience of Gaston was interesting. Gaston Lagaffe could be the protector of the lazy people in the office, he does everything except work, he reads, he inventes, does everything, and sleeps mostly, and yet he is the philosopher worried about the welfare of his neighbour, colleague, but in his own way, Antonio Garcia, a Belgian attaché consider.

Croatian readers and fans met with Gaston in the early 80's of the last century through the popular comic strip that was then released and massively bought on kiosks, and somewhere in the late 1980s the hard-pressed strip albums were done. 

The war stopped much of everything, and so did Gaston, but ten years ago, one of the publishers re-launched his release. Out of a total of 19 volumes, has been published so far 15 and one special.

Gaston's film will soon be released in Croatian cinemas. It also celebrates the round anniversary of that hero who 60 years ago was created by one of the most famous Belgian comic draftsman.

Andre Franquin, in 1957 began to design Gaston as an addition, and later as a stand-alone figure in comics. Gaston became popular so required his own drawing studio. He was soon joined by a writer of scenarios. At this exhibition it is possible to read few things about them, to see its development, explains Maligec. 

Gaston overlived his creator. But he can be proud because he has created a hero strip or more precisely the anti-hero loved by all generations, both today's children and those older than Gaston himself.