City Council Meeting on co-operation between City of Virovitica and Belgian Investors - October 26, 2017

The Mayor of Virovitica Ivica Kirin and the deputy mayor Vlasta Honjek - Golinac and their associates held a meeting with Antonio Garcia, Export and Investment Attaché at the Embassy of Belgium in Croatia.

The topic of the talks was the economic cooperation between the Belgian companies and the City of Virovitica through the Embassy.
It was agreed that the City would send a presentation and a letter of intent to the Belgian investors, as well as data on the connecting transport routes.

Moreover, on that occasion Mayor Ivica Kirin introduced to the Attaché the project Megazone, one of the largest economic zones in Croatia, and in the future in this part of Europe.

The meeting also emphasized that, from this area, foreign investors from this area can easily operate with the markets of South East Europe.

The 17th "Days of Oris"

The 17th "Days of Oris" (,1409.html) took place in Zagreb on 14 and 15 October.
Oris ( is the informal Croatian order of architects but also a very active NGO in the field of conservation and development of the architectural heritage. It has been bringing high-level world architects to Zagreb since 2001 (
Last year, the Belgian Ambassador and the Economic and Commercial Attaché visited these Days for the first time, under the leadership of the Flemish firm Reynaers Aluminum and its young Croatian subsidiary ( Various interviews were held later with Andrija Rusan (, President of Oris, especially during the visit - with a view to a possible action - by Nathalie Brison (Wallonia-Brussels Architectures -

Andrija Rusan, President of Oris and host of the Days of Oris.

This year, one step forward was taken: with the sponsorship of Reynaers (airplane ticket), the Ambassador of Belgium (accommodation at the Residence) and the Belgian Trade Office in Zagreb (local transfers... and Belgian chocolate on the stands), the architect Jo Taillieu ( was the first Belgian invited to present his work and that of his associates ( to public knowledge: Croatian and foreign colleagues, but also students in architecture and interior design, entrepreneurs and local officials.

The Days of Oris have two components: the academic component (see program above) with its awards (this year was Catalan, with the Grand Prix Oris-Roca awarded to RCR Arquitectes from Olot (Catalonia) and presented by the newly appointed Delegate of the Catalan Government in Croatia), and the "Fair and B2B" component (a.o. stands of ​​Reynaers Aluminum, but also of Betafence, another Belgian spearhead in Croatia).

Nina Timmermans (Reynaers Aluminium Belgium), Antonio Garcia (Belgian Commercial Attaché, Zagreb) and Jo Taillieu (architect and speaker) at the Days of Oris.

Diplomacy day in Karlovac

The day of diplomacy was held in Karlovac on the 26th of September 2017, organized by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the Karlovac County Development Agency “KARLA” and the Karlovac County. This event brought together more than 25 representatives of foreign embassies, including ambassadors and other diplomats accredited in the Republic of Croatia.

The distinguished guests were welcomed by the Karlovac county prefect Damir Jelić, the mayor of Karlovac Damir Mandić and the director of the development agency "KARLA" Vinko Šegrt. After introductory presentations on the importance of Karlovac, its culture, natural heritage, its economic and touristic potential, as well as its importance in the European Union, we had the opportunity to visit the first freshwater fish aquarium in the Republic of Croatia - Aquatica.

After the Aquatica tour, we proceeded to visit to the Karlovac Grammar School, paying special attention to the exhibition of didactic tools used by Nikola Tesla during his studies. The visit continued with an educational tour of the Homeland War Museum in Turanj and a visit to the Karlovac brewery (Heineken Croatia).

The closing part of the gathering took place in the Old Town of Dubovac, where, along with a tour of the museum's display and a beautiful view of the Karlovac nature, the delicacies of Karlovac County were presented to the guests. Representatives of the Economic Office of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium to the Republic of Croatia responded to this invitation and during the day of diplomacy in Karlovac, saw a great deal of opportunities for cooperation and the development of Karlovac County.

Visiting Omco Croatia d.o.o.

On May 9th, The Ambassador of Belgium in Croatia, Mr. Philippe Benoit, and our Economic Attaché Antonio Garcia visited the 100% Belgian-owned company Omco Croatia d.o.o.

The European leading manufacturer of moulds for glass bottles celebrated this year its 20th anniversary, showing a significant development : starting with 115 employees in 1997, Omco gives now work to 650 people, 10% of which have been here from Day 1.

On the following link you will see a few pictures taken during the visit of the production unit, part of a 100.000 m2 site:

Omco is and remains by far the biggest Belgian investment in Croatia.

Belgian Ambassador and Attaché visited Fidelta

On April 12th, the Belgian Ambassador Philippe Benoit and Export and Investment Attaché Antonio Garcia visited the company Fidelta, a branch of the Galapagos Group (
They were welcomed by the new Managing Director, Mrs Adrijana Vinter, PhD, MBA, who replaced the now retired Phil Dudfield.
The main topic of the meeting was the wish of Fidelta to expand its Zagreb premises.
To this purpose, they look for an investor/owner who would erect a custom-made building for a contract research organization (CRO) like Fidelta.


Belgian Beers in Slavonia

In the framework of the Month of Francophonie (March 2017), our Attaché was honoured and pleased to support the presentation of several Belgian breweries by Mr. Andréas Radoux.
Saturday March 25th, the founder of AR Pivo Import ( and his son Arnaud ended up another Croatian Road Show.

This time, the Francophonie lead our Belgian Beer Poets from Zagreb to Split and from Dubrovnik to Osijek.

In front of some 40 enlightened amateurs, Dr Pivo scanned our minds and concluded that the best anti-stress therapy was… brewing beer.
Therefore, we knew it all before tasting several Belgian craft beers : Malheur (Flanders), Petrus Aged Red (Flanders), and mostly the big discovery: Impératrice (Wallonia).

Have to mention two beautiful absents: Sara and Joseph, brewed in the small city of Silenrieux.

Thanks to the owner of the Kafić Uzdravlje (Cheers Café, whose name comes from a very popular American series of the 1980’s) we noticed that several Belgian beers were already put forward.

We hope that the beers of AR Pivo Import will be sooner or later distributed by another famous local stakeholder : Mr. Tibor Kainz, owner of the Kušaonica Piva (Beer Tasting House) and of the web shop, which sells a range of more than 150 special beers.
Last but not least, the surprise took the shape of a Croatian-Belgian lady whose belgitude and francophonie charmed more than one, the undersigned in first place.
Mrs. Ivana Šojat is not only a novel writer, a famous publisher and much awarded translator, she is also candidate to the Town Hall of Osijek in the municipal elections of May 2017.

Antonio Garcia, Andréas Radoux and Ivana Šojat

Place2Go - International Tourism Fair

In cooperation with  Brussels Airlines ( our office has participated to the 6th International Tourism Fair, Place2Go (

Bernhard Wodl, Regional Director of the Lufthansa group for Croatia, Slovenia, BIH and Serbia with Antonio Garcia, Attaché for Export&Investments - BIE Croatia.

More than 15000 visitors have attended the Fair and the different presentations of destinations as Indonesia, India or Turkey.
Our main attraction was a fountain of chocolate, the precious liquid was a courtesy of PURATOS KONDING Ltd.

Our A-Team's chocolate work

Even the Croatian Minister of Tourism, Mr Gari Capelli, visited our stand and left it with a couple of samples...

Brussels, the capital of 500 million Europeans…

Things happen in Brussels! There’s always a buzz. Not just because it’s the capital of 500 million Europeans and political decisions are made here, but also because Brussels offers you an exciting cultural, artistic and social scene... at sensible prices. It still cultivates its talent as a metropolis on a human scale and its international reputation for friendliness and sociability. It makes itself accessible to all of its many visitors: business, culture, leisure and pleasure, those escaping for a break ... whatever its purpose, a stay in Brussels is something to remember.

No matter when you come, there's always something happening here; no matter how long you stay, there are several different ways to experience the city, each with some brilliant surprises in store.

As a world city, it shows a multi-cultural character that fits it like a glove: it’s both historic and modern, of the North and of the South, and proud of its differences which it intermixes unselfconsciously.

Its cuisine rises to any challenge, its fashion is paraded on the most highly-rated catwalks, its Art Nouveau treasures offer more than 200 opportunities to admire this flourishing style and its comic strip heroes have recently become Hollywood stars.

In cooperation with, Visit.Brussels, the official Brussels Tourism&Convention Bureau (, Brussels Airlines and Brussels Invest&Export provide you with independent advice. Our team of experts puts you in contact with the right venues, hotels, DMCs & other service suppliers, to help you build the perfect program for your customers…or for yourself. ☺

Visit Brussels without (yet) leaving Zagreb at Place 2 Go on stand 29 March 17th to 19th 2017


"En amont du fleuve"

Marion Hänsel Belgique, Pays-Bas, 2016 - Aventure-drame, 93 min.

A bord d'un petit rafiot, Homer et Joé, la cinquantaine, remontent un fleuve vers des chutes d'eau en Croatie. Jusqu'au décès, récent, de leur père, ils ignoraient l'existence l'un de l'autre. Pourtant, ils sont demi-frères. Sean, un baroudeur irlandais énigmatique et menteur, se joindra à eux. 

"En amont du fleuve", est une aventure psychologique où ces hommes pudiques et solitaires livreront certains de leurs secrets, de leurs espoirs peut-être et où les liens de sang, qu'ils le veuillent ou non, les uniront.

Zadar, Théatre de Marionettes (( – le 8 mars 2017 à 19h
Zagreb, Kino Tuškanac ( – le 9 mars 2017 à 18h

Belgian fish exporters in Zagreb

Friday, 14th of October 2016
... as from 9 am, a delegation of Belgian fish exporters visited Zagreb. During this visit, individual meetings were held, in Hotel „Dubrovnik" (Gajeva 1, Zagreb – first floor), between representatives of Belgian and Croatian companies about the possibilities of starting fruitful business relations.
For any additional information, feel free to contact us on, tel. +385 1 4577 444 or fax +385 1 4577 445.

9th multisector Trade Mission to Croatia

Organized by the Economic and Commercial Office of the Belgian Embassy in Zagreb, the 9th consecutive Belgian multisector trade mission in Croatia started on Tuesday March 15th, 2016.
In the framework of this visit, B2B meetings were held in Hotel Antunović and enabled the attending delegates of Belgian and Croatian companies to discuss the possibilities of cooperation and further business relations.
The following Belgian companies attended the 2015 Mission:
· ABITEX – interior textile
· AFIX – production of scaffolding
· AIRWATEC (CINTROPUR) – water filters
· ALLAERT – horticulture (tree nursery)
· AXI SOFTWORKS – environmental consulting and software solutions
· BIOVITA – natural cosmetics
· CLAYTON OF BELGIUM NV – production of steam boilers
· CUYPERS – wheel washing systems
· EBUCON BVBA – water filtering equipment
· EUROFIT – dairy products
· METAKOR   design accessories for the furniture industry
· SWAEGERS & CO BVBA   slaughterhouse
· UMBROSA – parasols
· UNIL LUBRICANTS   industrial lubricants and oils
· UNIVERSAL WOODS – printing
· WOLLUX  printing solutions on textile and PVC
The goal of such a Trade Mission is to exchange information about the Croatian and Belgian markets, as well as the mutual presentation of foreign and local companies.