'Am I a European?' 60 artists. 60 answers

60 artists from all over the European Union will soon be using 60 creations to attempt to answer to the question of what exactly ‘European identity’ means. The works of art were printed on banners and will be placed on different construction sites in Brussels' European quarter. The project's four partners visit.brussels, URBANA, Beliris and Cofinimmo will give an exclusive preview of the printed artworks on 16 May, following the presentation of the MIXITY AWARDS in Brussels' Horta gallery. The full series of works will, along with cultural and tourist information, be posted from August 2017 on two major construction sites in the European neighborhood.

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15th edition of the European Week of Regions and Cities (Open Days)

Brussels hosts the 15th edition of European Week of Regions & Cities

From 9 to 12 October, the European Week of Region and Cities is organised in Brussels.
The capital will welcome some 6,000 officials from regional and city administrations, as well as many experts and academics.
The headline of this year: “Regions and Cities working for a better future”...
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The 8th edition of Brussels' Comic Book Festival drew nearly 100,000 persons this year

The Comic Book Festival kicked off the 2017 autumn season by animating this first weekend and closed Sunday with clearly positive results, proving once again that Brussels is a worthy representative of the Ninth Art on the international scene.
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8th annual Comic Strip Festival

Brussels is holding its 8th annual Comic Strip Festival from 1st to 3 September 2017

Brussels, June 2017

For its 8th running, the Brussels Comic Strip Festival is marking the occasion with its fair share of new things. Beyond the traditional Balloon's Day Parade, conferences, and autographs, the event will literally expand its scope. The festival will award Europe's biggest prizes, offer premiere film and manga screenings, madcap performances, and many other original activities.

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Belgian Beers in Slavonia

In the framework of the Month of Francophonie (March 2017), our Attaché was honoured and pleased to support the presentation of several Belgian breweries by Mr. Andréas Radoux.
Saturday March 25th, the founder of AR Pivo Import (https://www.facebook.com/AR-) and his son Arnaud ended up another Croatian Road Show.

This time, the Francophonie lead our Belgian Beer Poets from Zagreb to Split and from Dubrovnik to Osijek.

In front of some 40 enlightened amateurs, Dr Pivo scanned our minds and concluded that the best anti-stress therapy was… brewing beer.
Therefore, we knew it all before tasting several Belgian craft beers : Malheur (Flanders), Petrus Aged Red (Flanders), and mostly the big discovery: Impératrice (Wallonia).

Have to mention two beautiful absents: Sara and Joseph, brewed in the small city of Silenrieux.

Thanks to the owner of the Kafić Uzdravlje (Cheers Café, whose name comes from a very popular American series of the 1980’s) we noticed that several Belgian beers were already put forward.

We hope that the beers of AR Pivo Import will be sooner or later distributed by another famous local stakeholder : Mr. Tibor Kainz, owner of the Kušaonica Piva (Beer Tasting House) and of the web shop http://gajba.hr, which sells a range of more than 150 special beers.
Last but not least, the surprise took the shape of a Croatian-Belgian lady whose belgitude and francophonie charmed more than one, the undersigned in first place.
Mrs. Ivana Šojat is not only a novel writer, a famous publisher and much awarded translator, she is also candidate to the Town Hall of Osijek in the municipal elections of May 2017.

Antonio Garcia, Andréas Radoux and Ivana Šojat

Belgian fish exporters in Zagreb

Friday, 14th of October 2016
... as from 9 am, a delegation of Belgian fish exporters visited Zagreb. During this visit, individual meetings were held, in Hotel „Dubrovnik" (Gajeva 1, Zagreb – first floor), between representatives of Belgian and Croatian companies about the possibilities of starting fruitful business relations.
For any additional information, feel free to contact us on office@beltrade-croatia.com, tel. +385 1 4577 444 or fax +385 1 4577 445.

Bright Brussels, Festival of Light

Bright Brussels, Festival of Light: The 3rd Festival of Lights will illuminate a number of emblematic venues in the centre of the capital.

From 22 to 25 February 2018, at nightfall, Bright Brussels, Festival of Lights will light up a number of districts in the centre of Brussels. From the quay district to the Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains, by way of the Béguinage, installations, some more unusual than others, will light up the capital.

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Brussels sizzles this summer with MIXITY.brussels 2017

Brussels, 31 May 2017

Brussels sizzles this summer with MIXITY.brussels 2017
With MIXITY.brussels 2017 being the highlight of the summer, the temperatures in Brussels Capital Region will be sizzling from June to September. Brussels is characterised by diversity and the activities on offer will be, in the coming months even more than usual, as well.
From outdoor events such as festivals, guided tours and sporting activities, to pop-up bars, indoor events and exhibitions: there is something for everyone. Visitors who wish to stay longer can enjoy various hotel promotions this summer. Brussels is ready for a sizzling summer season.
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Brussels commemorates René Magritte

In 2017, it has been 50 years since the death of René Magritte. Brussels will take this opportunity to put its most famous surrealist artist in the spotlight. Fans of the artist will have plenty to look forward to in Brussels this year. In addition to several temporary exhibitions, they will have the opportunity to walk in Magritte's footsteps, visiting his private residence and favourite haunts, the Greenwich and "Het Goudblommeke in Papier".

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Brussels to honour Belgian beer culture during several festivals

Brussels, 4 July 2017

In 2016 UNESCO recognised the important role played by beer culture in Belgian everyday life and celebrations by proclaiming it an intangible cultural heritage. Throughout the year, Brussels residents and visitors can come and discover this delicious heritage during one of Brussels’ many beer festivals.

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Brussels, the capital of 500 million Europeans…

Things happen in Brussels! There’s always a buzz. Not just because it’s the capital of 500 million Europeans and political decisions are made here, but also because Brussels offers you an exciting cultural, artistic and social scene... at sensible prices. It still cultivates its talent as a metropolis on a human scale and its international reputation for friendliness and sociability. It makes itself accessible to all of its many visitors: business, culture, leisure and pleasure, those escaping for a break ... whatever its purpose, a stay in Brussels is something to remember.

No matter when you come, there's always something happening here; no matter how long you stay, there are several different ways to experience the city, each with some brilliant surprises in store.

As a world city, it shows a multi-cultural character that fits it like a glove: it’s both historic and modern, of the North and of the South, and proud of its differences which it intermixes unselfconsciously.

Its cuisine rises to any challenge, its fashion is paraded on the most highly-rated catwalks, its Art Nouveau treasures offer more than 200 opportunities to admire this flourishing style and its comic strip heroes have recently become Hollywood stars.

In cooperation with, Visit.Brussels, the official Brussels Tourism&Convention Bureau (www.visitbrussels.be), Brussels Airlines and Brussels Invest&Export provide you with independent advice. Our team of experts puts you in contact with the right venues, hotels, DMCs & other service suppliers, to help you build the perfect program for your customers…or for yourself. ☺

Visit Brussels without (yet) leaving Zagreb at Place 2 Go on stand 29 March 17th to 19th 2017


Design is at the forefront in Brussels throughout the month of September

Brussels, 4 September 2017

Brussels Design September has become an unmissable date on the calendar of all design fanatics. A unique turntable for many Belgian and international designers to exchange ideas. This year, visit.brussels has decided to expand its participation in this event by supporting several original initiatives.  A good opportunity for visitors to discover the talent of designers from Brussels and abroad.

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Charles V Festival

Brussels in Renaissance times
Once again this year from May through September during the Charles V Festival, Brussels brings back the Renaissance spirit with its artistic and scientific innovations. On this occasion fifteenth century European history and heritage will be in the spotlight thanks to a full schedule of festive, cultural, and family activities planned for different locations throughout the Brussels-Capital Region.
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"En amont du fleuve"

Marion Hänsel Belgique, Pays-Bas, 2016 - Aventure-drame, 93 min.

A bord d'un petit rafiot, Homer et Joé, la cinquantaine, remontent un fleuve vers des chutes d'eau en Croatie. Jusqu'au décès, récent, de leur père, ils ignoraient l'existence l'un de l'autre. Pourtant, ils sont demi-frères. Sean, un baroudeur irlandais énigmatique et menteur, se joindra à eux. 

"En amont du fleuve", est une aventure psychologique où ces hommes pudiques et solitaires livreront certains de leurs secrets, de leurs espoirs peut-être et où les liens de sang, qu'ils le veuillent ou non, les uniront.

Zadar, Théatre de Marionettes ((www.klz.hr) – le 8 mars 2017 à 19h
Zagreb, Kino Tuškanac (http://kinotuskanac.hr/) – le 9 mars 2017 à 18h

Frunch 2017

Every Friday lunch time chilling in the centre of Brussels

Frunch 2017 – every Friday lunch time chilling in the centre of Brussels

Frunch (FRiday – lUNCH) is set to commence its fourth edition on Friday 21 April. The Upper Town of Brussels will have another nice and cosy lunch spot right through until the end of September. Every week, Frunch is proud to present 3 food trucks, live music, a bar and a fantastic place to chill at on the courtyard of the BIP, overlooking the Place Royale in the centre of Brussels.
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Horta inside out: A year dedicated to this architectural genius

Horta inside out: A year dedicated to this architectural genius

One of the greatest architects of his generation, Victor Horta, certainly left his mark on Brussels. From the Horta House to the Hôtel Tassel and the Horta-Lambeaux Pavilion, it was about time we paid tribute to this master of Art Nouveau by dedicating a whole year to his work and creative genius.

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I Love Science Festival

I Love Science Festival: Launch of the festival dedicated to science and new technology

The very first I Love Science festival will be taking place from Friday 27 to Sunday 29 April 2018. The idea behind the event is to raise awareness of science and technology among the general public. All sorts of educational and entertaining activities will be organised for visitors to learn whilst having fun and giving our budding scientists’ little grey cells a workout.

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Events galore to spice up the end of summer

Brussels, 1 August 2017

This year in September it will be impossible to miss the range of events on offer around the capital. From music to comics and gourmet cuisine, a number of activities of all kinds will spring up throughout the month to the delight of young and old alike.

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Labelexpo Europe 2017: from 25 to 28 september, in Brussels

Labelexpo Europe is a flagship show and the largest label event in the world. Launched in London in 1980, it moved to Brussels in 1985, where it has remained since...
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International Jazz Day Brussels: Be Jazz Be Brussels!

On November 2011 UNESCO designated April 30 as the International Jazz Day, a tribute to jazz music and its fundamental role in uniting people across the globe, promoting peace, dialogue among cultures, diversity, and respect for human rights and human dignity.
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