Visit to the company Valipile

On 06.03.19, our Attaché for Export and Investments visited Valipile d.o.o.(, a chicken and turkey meat processing company based in the outskirts of Zagreb.

Mr. Boris Belko, general director, explained that the company is actually formed by 6 entities, covering the whole process, i.e. from breeding chickens and turkeys to selling meat and meat products in retail (

More than 20 years ago, Mr. Josip Belko started a home-made production of one-day poultry, 2000 chickens per week. In 1994, his sons Boris and Igor took over and established Valipile d.o.o. (Ltd.). They started working in rented business premises. They expanded the range of poultry and introduce their own parental flock of the best genetic lines. Since then, production from year to year has been growing significantly.

The company is 100% privately owned. On the 26,000 square meters site in Sesvetski Kraljevec, besides the headquarters of the company, there is also a fully automated grocery store, a factory of prepared animal food, bulk hop silos, a small warehouse and a gift warehouse for ready-made products.

The processing capacity is evaluated to 400,000 units of one-day poultry per week.

Mr. Antonio Garcia and Mr. Boris Belko.