Visit to Demateh

Demateh is a Croatian firm founded by Mr Božidar Pavlek in 1996.
Its headquarters are located in the outskirts of Zagreb (Rakitje), on the crossroads between major highways that connect Croatia with the West.
The company Demateh works in the field of automation and industrial logistics in the whole Balkan region. They produce belts and software for the supply chain in the industry; When the raw products arrive in the factory, they it go through all the processes from sorting out to packaging in one continued action until they are ready to be sent out to the buyers. That kind of system is efficient and economic. They are also providing a maintenance service for their products. 

There are already well established in the Croatian market as we can see from their collaboration with major Croatian companies like Dukat, Ledo, Jamnica, Pan Pek, Meggle, Konzum, Zvijezda, …
Due to its location in a Balkan country, Demateh has a lot of business relations with neighboring countries. 
Moreover, there have established partnerships with companies based in Austria, Belgium and Norway.
Their long-term vision of the company is to expand their business to other European countries like Belgium. They want to establish new partnerships, to export their product and to improve their skills by learning from foreign companies.