Deceuninck event in Osijek

On 14.03.19, the Croatian daughter ( of the Belgian/Flemish Group Deceuninck ( gathered some 150 partners (customers, representatives, employees, friends) in the prestigious décor of the Croatian National Theatre in Osijek.


“We open a window to the future”, was the leitmotiv of the evening.

The reason was the rebranding of the group for the whole region, i.e. Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia.

In 2003, Deceuninck took over the German manufacturer Inoutic ( and used its reputation and achievements to increase its presence in this part of Europe.

This was the beginning of an exponential development on these markets, in spite of the tough competition of aluminium windows, a.o. the Belgian Reynaers Aluminium.

With its daughters in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia, its recent acquisition in the outskirts of Zagreb and some perspectives still to discover, the group is a spearhead of the Belgian presence on these difficult but exciting markets.

The Osijek Conference was divided in two parts, introduced by the welcoming speech of the Economic Counsellor of the Belgian Embassy in Zagreb.

The first was the history of the company, founded in 1937 and now one of the world leaders in the manufacture of PVC windows.

The second was a kind of self-motivation course given by an elite Bosnian sportsman

And the cherry on the cake was, in the best Croatian tradition, a buffet dinner in Hotel Osijek.