Zagreb Book Festival

Željka Preskar (BIE Zagreb), Petra Ljevak (ZBF) and Mile Grubišić (BIE Zagreb)
We were welcomed by the project leader of the festival, Miss Petra Ljevak, and made a guided tour of all the sections (novels, non-fiction, children books…).


After the tour, we gathered at the bar of the museum and started talking about the current festival. Miss Ljevak explained us how the partnership with Sweden started and what the Swedish Embassy did to help the organization.

Not only the Zagreb Book Festival got financial support of Sweden, but the Embassy also gave organizational and logistic assistance, arranged the stay of Swedish authors in Zagreb, gave information about Swedish literature etc.

Then the possibility of Belgium being the guest country during one of the next editions of the festival (2017?) was discussed. Miss Ljevak showed interest in the Belgian literature and saw, e.g., opportunities for the Belgian comics.

We explained her that the French-and Flemish-speaking Communities would be promoted, instead of Belgium as a country.Further contact (by mid-June) was agreed by both sides.