Visiting Istria


Under the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on April 28th and 29th 2015, numerous representatives of the diplomatic corps in charge of Economic Relations visited the Istrian County to examine possible forms of cooperation.

During their stay, they visited some interesting companies such as Rockwool (insulation materials), Tehnomont (shipbuilding), Zigante (the largest European producer of truffles) and Rovinj Tobacco Factory (TDR), a part of the Croatian Adris Group.

In Pula, we were welcomed by the Deputy Mayor, Ms. Elena Puh Belci, Head of the Administrative Department of the Istrian Development Agency, Mr. Alen Damijanić, and later by the Mayor of Pula, Mr. Boris Miletic as well as by the County Prefect Mr. Valter Flego.

In the informal conversations with representatives of the City, County, Istrian Development Agency and lstrian major companies, the main topics mainly were both about the existing cooperation and the ways to develop it in the future. From our side, this visit was viewed as the follow-up to our last year's presentation of Belgium as a business destination, which we organized in June of 2014 in Pula, in cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.