Smurfs in a Christmas Fairy Tale

The Economic and Commercial Attaché of the Belgian Embassy of Belgium in Croatia, Mr. Antonio Garcia, and his associates visited the Salaj family farm in Grabovnica on April 10th, 2015.

The reason for visiting the Salaj farm is linked to their latest project - the so-called Smurf village, as the Smurfs are one of the best export products of Belgium.

The owner told us that this year his estate would be decorated and illuminated with more than 1,500,000 lights. For many years, this has already been as such a real tourist attraction in Croatia and beyond.

Mr. Garcia and Mr. Zlatko Salaj, the farm's owner and founder of the Smurf village concept, agreed upon a way of cooperation regarding the promotion of the Smurfs and help in further negotiations between Mr. Salaj and the Smurf licensee in Belgium, the company I.M.P.S. (