A Seminar on „Belgium – your business destination in the heart of Europe“ was held in the premises of Sisak County Chamber

The Belgian Economic and Commercial Office and the Croatian Chamber of Economy/Sisak County Chamber organized a seminar on May 18th, 2017 on the topic „Belgium, your business destination in the heart of Europe“. The aim of the seminar was to bring the business opportunities with Belgian partners closer to the small and medium companies from Sisak-Moslavina County.

Following the introduction by Mr Boris Mesarić, President of the Sisak County Chamber, and H.E. Philippe Benoit, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to the Republic of Croatia, Mr Antonio Garcia, Export and Investment Attaché, introduced the entrepreneurs of the Sisak-Moslavina County with the business culture in Belgium, the customs and the desirable way of business communication.

■ Mr Boris Mesarić, President of  the Sisak County Chamber and H.E. Philippe Benoit, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to the Republic of Croatia. Source: CCE

Mr. Garcia presented some examples of good practice of co-operation between Croatian and Belgian companies and the possibility of using an office in Brussels free of charge, for all Croatian entrepreneurs, over a three-month period. He noted that this was a great opportunity for entrepreneurs as they could use the work space, wireless internet connection, access to the e-library at Invest in Brussels for free during three months, as well as meeting rooms, etc. More information regarding this service, can be found at

■ Antonio Garcia, Export and Investment Attaché. Source: CCE

The representatives of the companies IPS Konzulting d.o.o., Silac Optics d.o.o., Hidraulika Kutina d.d. and MMM Vukelić d.o.o. spoke about their experiences in doing business with Belgium. They pointed out their possitive experiences and the high-level professional responsibility of their Belgian partners.

The company IPS Konzulting d. o. o from Sisak was founded by the Belgian company DLV Group with the technical and professional support of the Belgian companies Innolab and Pantarein. It specializes in the agricultural and food processing industry, and offers consulting services, study design, project development and application of sustainable technologies. Mrs Ana-Marija Špicnagel Ćurko, Head of the office and specialist for renewable energy sources, explained how the cooperation with the Belgians started and why they had chosen the Sisak-Moslavina County to open an office, expecting a lot of investments by Croatia's accession to the European Union. She commended the co-operation with the Belgian partners and emphasized how much she had learned from them.

■ Ana-Marija Špicnagel Ćurko, Director of IPS Konzalting d.o.o. Source: CCE

The company Silac Optics d.o.o. from Velika Gorica is another good example of a Belgian company's experience on the Croatian market, as Anita Hozjan told the audience. She also stressed that the Belgian partners give a huge logistic and financial support. Partnership with them is, indeed, a real partnership; they are reliable and pleasant associates who respect every business agreement.

Dubravko Bazina from the company Hidraulika Kutina d.d., spoke about a business relationship with the Belgians, from the perspective of the Croatian company's business experience on the Belgian market. He said that their customers from Belgium recognized them and contacted them, thanks to the quality of their products. Bazina emphasized that when prospecting foreign markets, it was extremely important to participate in foreign fairs, where the Croatian Chamber of Economy provided them with a great support. They are presented to foreign partners, and product quality is a key factor in attracting new customers.

The company MMM Vukelić d.o.o. from Novska is also an example of excellent cooperation of Croatian company on the Belgian market. The owner, Marijan Vukelić, also emphasized his professional relations with the Belgians. He pointed out their accuracy in payment and other business obligations, as well as the understanding they show if, at some point, for objective reasons, the partner is unable to fulfill the assumed commitment.

Jelena Ravlić, from the Sector for International Affairs and the EU at the Croatian Chamber of Economy, presented services offered by the CCE to entrepreneurs when prospecting, foreign markets. She mentioned several examples of connecting Croatian companies to foreign partners through the European Business Network and announced the organization of a business delegation of Croatian companies to Brussels, which will be held this year.

The seminar extends the excellent cooperation between the Sisak County Chamber and the Belgian Economic and Commercial Office, by connecting Sisak-Moslavina County entrepreneurs with Belgian partners.

■ From left to right: Ana-Marija Špicnagel Ćurko, IPS Konzulting d.o.o., Anita Hozjan, Silac Optics d.o.o., Jelena Ravlić, CCE, Marijan Vukelić, MMM Vukelić d.o.o., Dubravko Bazina, Hidraulika Kutina d.d., Antonio Garcia, Belgian Economic and Commercial Office