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9th multisector Trade Mission to Croatia

Organized by the Economic and Commercial Office of the Belgian Embassy in Zagreb, the 9th consecutive Belgian multisector trade mission in Croatia started on Tuesday March 15th, 2016.
In the framework of this visit, B2B meetings were held in Hotel Antunović and enabled the attending delegates of Belgian and Croatian companies to discuss the possibilities of cooperation and further business relations.
The following Belgian companies attended the 2015 Mission:
· ABITEX – interior textile
· AFIX – production of scaffolding
· AIRWATEC (CINTROPUR) – water filters
· ALLAERT – horticulture (tree nursery)
· AXI SOFTWORKS – environmental consulting and software solutions
· BIOVITA – natural cosmetics
· CLAYTON OF BELGIUM NV – production of steam boilers
· CUYPERS – wheel washing systems
· EBUCON BVBA – water filtering equipment
· EUROFIT – dairy products
· METAKOR   design accessories for the furniture industry
· SWAEGERS & CO BVBA   slaughterhouse
· UMBROSA – parasols
· UNIL LUBRICANTS   industrial lubricants and oils
· UNIVERSAL WOODS – printing
· WOLLUX  printing solutions on textile and PVC
The goal of such a Trade Mission is to exchange information about the Croatian and Belgian markets, as well as the mutual presentation of foreign and local companies.